Pro and Cons of School Uniforms

School uniforms can be really good for the environment of the school. Some students may say that school uniforms are unnecessary and that they are a stupid idea. Through research I have found that school uniforms can be a good influence on schools and, they can also make kids feel they have less self expression in what they wear. On the bright side of things uniforms can increase the focus of the students and they can be on task for a longer amount of time. They knock the wall down between the students, kids don't have to look at their peers and say "I wish I had her clothes" "He has all Nike things on, he is much richer than me". Things like this are what is happening at school and we can now see both sides of the perspective of school uniforms.
One of the cons of having school uniforms can be, having less self expression. Everyone needs to express their self once in a while, everyone has their own personality and wants to express it. Teens are especially at the age where everything is about finding out who you are and what the future brings. We all really like to express what we feel that day, whether we are feeling down in the depths of despair or if we want to party and have a great time. We all can express ourselves with color or patterns. If we have school uniforms this takes away our use of expressing ourselves.
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Students are always trying new ways to go against the school dress code if they are required to wear the same thing every day, five days a week. Teens are most likely to rebel and they would want to make sure the school knows that they don’t agree with school uniforms and should get rid of them. Students rebelling can lead to more use of rules and worse consequences if this continues for a bit of time. Teens don't like to be told exactly what to do, they can have guidelines, but when they are forced to do anything they hate for long amounts of time they will start to rebel against you.
Now on the bright side uniforms, they have shown that students focus better when they are all wearing the same thing. Kids and teens like to compare themselves to others. They will say "She has way better clothes than me." "I wish I could dress like him". With the uniforms we wouldn’t have the problem of the comma pairing. The school environment is better because there are less cliques and every one just is kind to each other. I’m not saying there isn’t going to be just mean people there always will, but a lot of the people would be kinder to each other.
These uniforms may be a bad thing to some people and a good thing to others. There are things that are valid points when it comes to both sides. They may help students focus and feel less self conscious, but they can also take away our ability to show our self expression. Uniforms have great influences and they are a big help to the schools who enforce them. The schools that don’t have them are also doing great. All this just depends on how you look at it, you can see them as a bad, a good thing, or in between.
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