How to write a definition essay

Before we learn how to write a definition essay, it’s wise to ask ourselves - what is a definition essay? Basically, if you have to explain to someone what a definition essay is, it’s pretty much self-explanatory from the term itself “definition essay”. With the simplest language, it’s an essay that needs you to define a word and elaborate the meaning all through from introduction to conclusion. Academically, a definition essay is an assignment that requires you to elaborate a personal definition of a given word yet put it academically. A definitional argument essay is almost similar to a case study, a term paper, or a dissertation. In terms of length, it can go up to half a page or more. This is a nightmare for most students because they’re used to writing vague topics, and it’s easier for them to fill in words no matter how many pages. However, with this guide, we will change your perception of how to write a definition essay for the better. Read on to learn more.
Now, that we have known what a definition essay is, let’s get to understand some of the common characteristics of a definition essay.

Characteristics of a definition essay


A definition essay must be thoroughly written.

The definition of a word in this kind of essay goes beyond the meaning in the dictionary. Though you must refer to the dictionary meaning, you must go further and hunt for more information about the word you choose.

A definition essay must be lengthy.

Choose a word that is long or has an interesting origin, since an essay demands an introduction, body, and conclusion. Use all resources to dig deep on the word you choose to get content to write and avoid fluff.

Quality of a definition essay depends on the topic/word you choose.

Some words are complex and hence can be easily explained, while others are simple and can be hardly explained without making it lose meaning. Choose a word wisely.

Go beyond the reader’s common knowledge.

An effective definition essay should teach the reader something new about the word you’re exploiting more to what he/she knows basically. This is why we encourage students to use abstract terms that can be easily pursued, and you will be surprised by the hidden information you’ll unleash on the word you chose.
With that said, how should you write the best definition essay?

Steps to follow while writing a definition essay

1. Select the best word for a great topic.

An abstract term or word always has and will remain to be the best choice here. Words that refer to an idea and not a specific thing are recommended. Take, for example, “apple” and “fruit”. These two are words, but one is vaguer than the other. You can easily exploit the “fruit” more than the “apple”. Additionally, ensure that the word can be disputed. In other words, the word can have more than one meaning to different people. This will contribute to a more detailed essay. Have some basic knowledge on the word, use resources to get more information, and do some background checks on the word you choose.

2. Exploit the word fully

Some words are separable since they are compound, while others aren’t. Take, for example, “relationship”. It can be separated into “relation” and “ship”. Analyze the word. Also, classify the word in grammar and give synonyms as well as antonyms to the word. Use examples in sentences to give more meaning to the word. Background info about the word will also come in handy.

3. Use the right Structure while writing

All academic assignments demand a structure or format while writing, a definition essay is no exception. Below is the right structure:
- Introduction.
- Thesis statement.
- Body paragraphs. They can be more than one.
- Conclusion.
Now you’re better as far as writing a definition essay is concerned.
If you’re ever stuck with homework, wondering who will do my homework paper, feel free to ask for academic assistance, or find a sample definition essay online to have more ideas on what to write in your paper.